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Sunday’s Special

Quanta firfir ቋንጣ ፍርፍር
Dehydrated beef cooked in berebere, onion, special spiced butter, mixed with pieces of Injera)

Dulet ዱለት
(An Ethiopian delicacy-minced tripe, lamb liver and lean top round meat (Beef) sautéed with spiced butter, mitimita (Hot pepper) and herbs. Served raw, medium rare or well done)

Yebeg Goden Tibs የበግ ጎድን ጥብስ
(Lamb ribs cooked with slices of onions, jalapeno peppers and fresh rosemary)

Yebeg key wot የበግ ከይ ወጥ
(Lamb cubes cooked in berebere sauce with special herb and spices

Kitfo ክትፎ
One of the popular meal (extra lean meat (Beef)) minced and seasoned with Ethiopian spices and mitmita mixed with spiced butter. Served raw, medium rare or well done with. Gomen ጎምን (Chopped collard green with fresh garlic, bell pepper cooked with olive oil)

Ayb አይብ
Ethiopian Cheese

Salad ሰላጣ
(Fresh Green leaf lettuce with diced onions, bell pepper, jalapeno and tomatoes with a special Ethiopian salad dressing)

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