Blue Nile | Ethiopian Restaurant

SINCE 1994

Blue Nile is a family owned restaurant and has been open since 1994. We have been nominated as one of the best ethnic restaurant among the Houston community. Food lovers will enjoy the unique taste of Ethiopian dishes in a warm and friendly environment. We serve our traditional dishes with Injera bread that is 100% made of teff. Injera is a soft spongy pancake-like bread made out of teff flour. It is traditionally served in Ethiopia where a variety of stews, meat dishes and salads, are placed upon the injera. Teff, an Ethiopian Staple, is the smallest grain in the world, yet it contains giant nutrition. It’s high in protein, iron and minerals with a calcium content more than 17 times that of wheat or barley.


Our first Restaurant was opened in 1994 by Tina Ameblue after family friends that always enjoyed her cooking and encouraged her. She left her $4.25-an-hour housekeeping position and began work on the first modest Blue Nile Restaurant. Now two decades later, thanks to Tina, tens of thousands of Houstonians have enjoyed Injera and the Ethiopian Cuisine.


With over 25 years of mastering the unique flavors of Eastern Africa and consistent accolade from the Houston community. The natural expansion of Blue Nile came about in 2018 with the new restaurant opening in the Upper Kirby district. Patrons can expect the same exceptional service, delicious Ethiopian foods, and traditional style of eating.


Years after years, Blue Nile has been consistently nominated for the Best Ethiopian restaurant in 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 & 2013.
Thanks to all our Blue Nile’s customers, we are very pleased to be serving you and sharing our food with you! Read the reviews below from various different sources!

1. Jaylyn Coen
Amazing authentic Ethiopian cuisine in the heart of Houston. I spent a month in Ethiopia and I was blown away by this restaurants ability to make authentic dishes. Highly recommend.
2. Brenda Hernandez
Most delicious Ethiopian food made by Ethiopian staff. I love the great food and the service. They use masks and social distance the tables. Is a quiet setting and the restaurant has a lot of culturally traditional furniture. A true hidden gem in Houston!!
3. The T
Everything is priced well except for the Samosa. Traditional beer and Honey Wine has limited availability. Set a little back from the road, easy to find. Atmosphere and food/ portion size is worth the visit. Don't be in a hurry if you come here.
4. Jay Robinson
Had my favorite dish Doro Wot. If you have tried this place, you need your as** whipped.. Great food, great service. Going back... forever!