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Since 1994

Blue Nile is a family owned restaurant and has been open since 1994.
We have been nominated as one of the best ethnic restaurant among the Houston community. Food lovers will enjoy the unique taste of Ethiopian dishes in a warm and friendly environment.

Blue Nile has reached the 20th years Mark! Thank you to all our guests and fans, it has been our pleasure to serve the Houston community since 1994.

We serve our traditional dishes with Injera bread that is 100% made of teff.

Injera is a soft spongy pancake-like bread made out of teff flour. It is traditionally served in Ethiopia where a variety of stews, meat dishes and salads, are placed upon the injera.

Teff, an Ethiopian Staple, is the smallest grain in the world, yet it contains giant nutrition. It’s high in protein, iron and minerals with a calcium content more than 17 times that of wheat or barley.

Nominated Best Ethiopian Restaurant from Houston Chronicles and Zagat.

Years after years, Blue Nile has been consistently nominated for the Best Ethiopian restaurant in 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 & 2013. Thanks to all our Blue Nile’s customers, we are very pleased to be serving you and sharing our food with you!

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Blue Nile has been presented with a 2014 Vegetarian Restaurant award!



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